After 15 amazing years, what was Fred Flare really? It was Me & Keith… Our Mom, Anne… 100’s of employees… 1000’s of products… Over 10,000 blog posts… Over 50,000 comments… Countless orders & customers… But also so much more I can’t even begin to describe… A dream come true, I guess!

This is the last post and the last day for Fred Flare. Very early tomorrow morning the fred flare web address will be rerouted to our Tumblr page where a static message will remain as is forever into the future.

Thank you all so much. Keith and I are thrilled to have touched your lives in such a positive way… And you for us too. I wouldn’t change a thing. xoxo, Chris & Keith
After 15 amazing years, is closing its doors at the end of this week.

To celebrate the last decade and a half, we’re hosting a blowout GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE.

It’s a 2-day extravaganza… Friday Night / Saturday SALE (+DJ party, bake sale and art amazing’ness)

Apparel, accessories & gift items all at crazy discounts! Plus, score furnishings, props, collectibles, FF mementos & more.

WHEN: Fri, Nov 22, 7PM-9PM & Sat, Nov 23, 11AM-4PM (RAIN OR SHINE!)WHERE: Fred Flare Warehouse, 300 Kingsland Ave btwn Nassau Ave and Norman Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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