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Early birthday for Bre!
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My birthday party. Looking like Pocahontas while blowing out the candles on my HK cake.
Hey everyone. You know that a lit birthday cake is my all-time favorite thing in the whole wide world, yeah? They’re just so beautiful so happy so hopeful. And - hello? - yum.

I have this personal blog called LIT BDAY CAKE featuring images I find on Tumblr trying to capture that special celebratory moment. Pls check it out! 

But more than that, I’m wondering if you might have a snap of a lit bday cake you’d like to share? I know you do. So pls pls pls SUBMIT! I can’t promise I’ll post all but I will for sure try.

I tend to prefer snaps that also feature people and I’m especially looking for more vintagey snaps so if you have any old family photos scanned that you could share I would be sooooo grateful. Pls don’t give me anything too slick. The more amateur, the better. Thanks everybody! Love u, Keith

This is beautiful. I will do this on someone’s birthday! :D Or my children’s. :)  

He feels the same way as I do about his Birthday!

this is your life. are you who you want to be?
Sometimes I have Tim our photog shoot stuff and I’m like all hopped up like, “We NEED a shot of an ice cream sandwich TODAY.” And then they never get used. Until now. Gonna post some random stuff like that over these next few days. Tumblr, that’s why we are friends.