Bring out your inner movie star with this stylish number from BB Dakota. Elegant yet fun, this royal blue dress features a flirty layered bodice with see-through mesh neckline
Hello, this camera is only $4.99.
Hey Brigitte… This one is for you. Can’t sleep and I’m sitting here doodling on the computer and remembering how we used to keep and share visual diaries. I miss that and I miss you. Can’t believe it’s been a year since you came round.
This camera comes in four brillant colors.
The a-a-atchooooooo! pepper mill.

once upon a time, well, the other night i tied a cyan helium balloon to an  old ball of hemp twine and flew it like a kite into the starry night  sky. the balloon wanted to go to the moon and swayed and floated into  forever as if it would. but i had to tell it to come back down cos it  would have ended up with the jellyfish in the sea a mile down and that  makes whales sad. the end.

It’s rare I get to spend one-on-one time with either of my sons.  Being 16 months apart, we always run around as a trio.  Tonight, Jonah gets to feel like he’s an only child instead of second born.  It’s an important part of parenting.

this piece captures almost every shade of blue all at once. #livecolorfully