Fred Flare’s Hurricane Irene Prep Part 1.
You’ve just been given the means to make the movie of your dreams. What’s the plot? Who’s on the cast list?
What’s the best part of the $1.99 Breakfast Shipping Special? Keith bought donuts for the FF staff! Now we’re all sugared up and ready to ship you your orders… for a mere $2.
College students are flooding back into Washington Square Park and Greenwich Village, and it’s got us in a back-to-school mood.

Whether you’re starting college this fall, returning for another year, or already graduated, we’d love to hear what YOU think is essential for surviving the school year!

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What? Is that our super cool Etch A Sketch iPad Case on Yes. Yes it is.

Get it here!
When that shark bites, with his teeth, babe…

Jack Delano
beautiful early 1940’s color photographs of railroads and railroad workers

Portobello Eggs Benedict 

BRB making and then going nuts on Portobello Eggs Benedict.
Getting into film photography again has made us realize just how much we love it… and how much we love the Shutterbug Earrings! Check them + tons more great accessories, apparel and home items in our just-updated SALE department!
If you think that these aren’t the product we’re most excited about right now… you probably expect us to be more normal than we are. (Hint: so not normal. Hopefully in a good way.) The only question in our minds is this: do we make it bacon mac?
"Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line."

Lucille Ball is one of my all-time favorite actors. I grew up watching I Love Lucy reruns with my grandfather on many afternoons, and still watch it now whenever it’s on TV. I even named my first (red) dog Lucy, after her. The way her 100th birthday was celebrated on the internet recently was so magical, especially the tiny television set on Google’s homepage.

One of the most unexpected roles I ever saw her in was in Ziegfeld Follies - she was every inch the glamour girl of Fanny Brice and Esther Williams, but still hammed it up better than the boys on her own show. I love a beautiful, smart and funny woman. 

Ann is an illustrator, graphic designer & fred flare BFF living in Los Angeles. Check her out at and in a continuing series on this here tumblr!
You know you’re working at the right place when you receive a shipment of boxes from UPS that have “100 Tacos” written on them.

The boxes were filled with these which are adorable and awesome and amazing, but, like… we totally wouldn’t be upset if a box of 100 real, edible tacos showed up.

We’re big fans of tacos.
Jenna brought Tootsie Rolls. Best day ever or best day ever?