We Only Said Goodbye With Words

I’ve wanted to do an illustration of Amy Winehouse since I heard of her sad passing a couple weeks ago. Like many, I was a huge fan of her music and her irreplaceable voice that made you feel less alone when your heart’s so broken you can’t even find all the pieces. Thanks, Amy.

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We reblogged this from “helloperfect.” Coincidentally, that’s what we would say* if we ever met Ryan Gosling.

*Who are we kidding, we probably would lose our ability to speak, just shiver and cry a little bit.
Keith snapped this photo of Evian babies in the wild… Love it!
We’re kindasortatotally excited for Fall Fashions.

PS Those are totally former shelves from Store Cute in the background. Reduce, reuse, recycle, y’all.
So, we know Shark Week was totally last week, but we just saw this and had to share ‘cause, duh, we love sharks.