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Your humble tumblr-er is flying to JFK-SFO this afternoon… which means she probably should be scrambling to get her work done, not tumbling/shopping.
Today’s life inspiration, via the Nassau Avenue G stop.
Kinda sketchy…
Board Game Champion Necklace, $24
Dude, these Jelly Lens iPhone Filters are mad trippy.

And yes, we did take a picture of the website.

Lemon and Olive Oil Spaghetti With Shredded Parmesan and Parsley 

Working hard or… stalking the #food tag? They can be one and the same, right?

Either way, we want this in our belly.
It’s almost the end of July (!!!), which means we’re already shopping for coats. Nutty? Maybe. Will we be super stylin’ once the weather cools down? Definitely. Check out our Fall Preview here…
Believe it!
Happy Monday, everybody!