Heat wave? Schmeat wave. More like “really awesome excuse to work from Madison Square Park and gorge ourselves on Shake Shack.”
The heat index in Greenpoint just hit 114° F and we’re having trouble remembering the last time we were this hot. Luckily there’s a whole SALE section to distract us…
When it comes to doodlebug requests, we’re “GO HARD OR GO HOME.” Especially when we’re talkin’ unicorns. Obviously.

(Doodlebug amazingness by Girl Genius Wicked Talented Art Rock Star Julius)
A Summer List

Finally delivered a huge project to the printer’s today, so I spent the rest of my (finally free again) evening painting and watching trashy television while eating ice cream. It was perfect. So now to make a to-do list for the rest of my summer before it slips out of reach.

Summer 2011 Goals!
- see Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA
- eat oysters on the beach
- read by a pool
- take a mini-break with Ryan
- make new zines in preparation for APE!
- go to Disneyland and see the Mary Blair exhibit
- create a bunch of new work in preparation for graduating
- read at least 6 books
- clean & organize studio and apartment
- have a fun photo shoot
- go to an outdoor movie night
- eat huge ears of corn dripping with butter & take photobooth pictures at a county fair
- make my own ice cream 

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Today is Lucy’s birthday…
Guys. Guys. Drop everything and appreciate this photo. And these socks. But especially these socks in the context of this photo.

Happy Tuesday, everybody!
Fact: It is so darn hot in New York (and gettin’ hotter) that all we want to do is make a huge vat of gazpacho, eat as much as we can handle, and then, like, bathe in the rest.

Judge us if you want, it is absurdly warm and we’re going to deal in the way we see fit.

Also, gazpacho is delicious.