Banish your breakfast boredom, Domo’s here to brighten your morning! This compact two slice toaster features our favorite little monster’s hungry-looking face.
Bacon lovers, rejoice!
Franken Berry is my man. Click for more Monsters of Cereal Plushies.
Boo Berry, I think I love you. More Monsters of Cereal Plushies here.

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“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” - John Gunther (journalist, 1901 to 1970)

Portobello Eggs Benedict 

BRB making and then going nuts on Portobello Eggs Benedict.

(by ashtynemily)

Salmon Omelette filled with cheese, avocado and micro-greens - for the win.

So, like… we’re not sure what part of browsing the “food” tags on an empty stomach seems like a good idea, but we can’t seem to help ourselves.