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Columbus Day Sale + Kittens

Rebel Without A Cause. Meow.gif [via]
Yeah, we’re kind of excited for Halloween.
It’s cold & dreary in NYC this Monday but we’re cuddled up in our new I Like Cats sweatshirt and Kitty Garden Party Leggings so… best. Monday. EVER.
Not every cat lady is crazy, just cray for cats! Show love for your feline friends with this super cute sheer button down shirt.
Looking for a purrfect pair of flats? These feline inspired shoes from Jeffrey Campbell are totes adorable.
Oh, haiiiii! These cats can haz funglasses and so can you!
Ikenaga Yasunari.
The Kit Kat Clock is celebrating its 80th bday.
Hey internet, you like cats, right? And pizza? Cat Pizza? Pizza Cat? Captain Pizza Cat, even?

(by Wild_Honey_Pie☂)