Today’s the last day of our reblog contest!!
Reblog this post - ONLY once per blog! - and then you’re entered to win… a dozen donuts??
Yes, once again is gonna overnight you a dozen donuts from my fave NYC spot The Doughnut Plant.
And, what the heck, I’m also gonna throw in a $50 gift certificate to
I’ll pick winner on 2/10. Good luck! xo, Keith
Good afternoooooon!!! 

I have the great pleasure of announcing the WINNER of our donut REBLOG contest and and and I get to swear in the process:) 

Our winner is… Mary over at Fucck It : Lets Be Happy (a very fun blog so check it.) Mary, you’ve scored a dozen donuts!! 

Send us a message with your addy and I’ll overnight these NOW!! They’re here on my desk ready to go.

Thank you, everybody, for participating. Gonna have a very special REBLOG contest coming up soooooon so pls stay tuned. xoxo, Keith
What’s the best part of the $1.99 Breakfast Shipping Special? Keith bought donuts for the FF staff! Now we’re all sugared up and ready to ship you your orders… for a mere $2.
Now happening at the offices…

(In our dreams.)

(So many donuts.)

(Yum, donuts.)

Tomorrow Today June 3rd is National Donut Day! Stop by your local Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme and get your free donut on!

Things That Could Be Improved About New York City: More Krispy Kreme locations. (There’s only one. In Penn Station. And it doesn’t even have the cool machine. We think.)
So today is National Donut Day. Obviously this is something we’re really excited about. Um, donuts! Obviously! So… this tumblr is going to be pretty donut-centric for a minute, we hope that you’re okay with that.
There are hearts painted on the wall and I’m eating a donut. Working at is AWESOME.